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Amita Holistic Center

We provide a unique, alternative approach to holistic healing. We use bio-energy screening tests to detect disorders. We use and teach healing based on the primary holistic schools.


Chinese pulse diagnosis

How Much Do You Know About Your Pulse?

Traditional Chinese pulse diagnosis Most people already know that the pulse reflects heart rate, which is normally between 60-90 beats per minute. Whether it is too slow, too fast or irregular, it can indicate a possible heart problem. However, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the pulse reveals more than just heart rate. Chinese pulse diagnosis is an extremely complex subject and an important diagnostic tool to find unbalanced or blocked Qi within various parts of the body. Dr. Tatyana Yakovleva is using pulse reading to adjust treatment protocol for person's needs.

Dr. Tatyana Yakovleva incorporates the technique of Chinese pulse diagnosis to adjust a course of treatment to each person's needs

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